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Ipsos: The Forces of CX

Golden Ticket Productions were commissioned by the Ipsos global CX (Customer Experience) team to create a set of promotional films that bring to life a marketing / measurement tool that is at the heart of Ipsos CX. The primary purpose was to showcase and explain how the tool allows clients to truly understand customer experience within a concise framework.

We took the time to fully understand the tool and how this benefits the clients that Ipsos CX work with (i.e. the target audience for the films) and really immersed ourselves into the world of CX ahead of developing any storyboards. We also needed to ensure that our films demonstrated a range of diversity - from the ethnicities, ages and genders of the characters portrayed to the services being used.

We casted all of the characters and wrote the script in house and collaborated with a freelance designer who regularly works with Ipsos to create the animations for the films. The filming took place across multiple locations including a contact centre, spa and cinema. The result was one master film to play at workshops and conferences (that was subsequently broken down into a shorter version for socials) and a series of 6 short films to introduce each of the CX forces.


Since launch, the video has already been a worldwide success played at Ipsos conferences and workshops around the globe, with translated versions into multiple languages.

"Thank you Golden Ticket Productions for the great experience you provided the Ipsos Global Customer Experience team whilst creating our Forces of CX video. End-to-end you managed the project professionally, collaboratively with a commitment to meeting our needs and delivering a fantastic set of videos. You managed every stage of the production brilliantly from the design of the story, sourcing and managing the actors, collaborating with music composers and graphic designers to editing the final products. Your enthusiastic, creative, fun and proactive attitude made the project a pleasure to work on and I look forward to continuing the relationship."

Helen Bywater-Smith, Global Head of CX Service Design, Ipsos

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