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Say YES to every child

We produced the 2023 annual campaign dinner video for Arts Therapies for Children. The video needed to showcase what ATFC do and why there is such a high demand for their services, evoke emotion and encourage donations to the campaign on the evening.

Our film featured a number of different scenarios (based on real life examples) of how and why ATFC is so crucial. We deliberately showed the positive resolution of one of the stories but left the other stories without a resolution to highlight how ATFC is struggling to cope with the current demand on it's services.

The film was played to a room of over 200 people and introduced by MP Charles Walker as 'simply extraordinary.' Our client smashed their fundraising target. They are now using the video on social media and on their website.

"We had high expectations, and you exceeded them in every way. From the initial concept development to the final editing process, your team demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and a genuine commitment to our cause.

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our supporters and donors who have viewed the video. Many have expressed how deeply moved and inspired they were by the stories you shared and the way you highlighted the impact of our work. It is undeniable that your video has played a crucial role in increasing our fundraising efforts and attracting new supporters to our cause. Thank you once again for your exceptional work and dedication - we are deeply grateful for the time, effort, and creativity you invested in creating a video that has the power to change children’s lives. We look forward to using you again!"

Natasha Ainley, CEO, Arts Therapies for Children

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