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On top of the world

This was the first campaign of a merged organisation after Kisharon and Langdon joined forces in 2023. It needed something memorable and impactful and we proudly delivered a series of short films which feature a number of people who are supported through the services Kisharon Langdon offers. We chose to combine cartoon (to show the struggles of their daily life) with a magical transition point to live action where the script Implies the charity has stepped in and given a helping hand.


At every possible point we ensured inclusivity and demonstrated that those with autism and learning difficulties can have meaningful lives and be part of everyday society (a key mission for the charity). For example, our VoiceOver artist in the master film was a Kisharon Langdon member and some of the cartoon imagery was created by an artist with autism. We also produced a separate pledge film that featured leaders of the organisation talking about the impact of the merger and the significance of the campaign. All in all the campaign was a great success, raising over £2,245,700 (original target of £2,000,000).

What's more - the main message of our video script 'on top of the world' evolved into the overall campaign theme that The Creative Clinic used in all of their campaign branding and visuals.

"Lauren and Jemma…!!!! Wow!!! And Thank you!! These films are absolutely amazing! They tell the exact story we wanted to tell and show Kisharon Langdon in the exact way I had hoped we would! You have both done ABOVE AND BEYONE with every element of this film and it really shows!! I really hope to work with you again in the future - it’s just been an absolute delight! ."

Jessica Levy, Co Head of Fundraising, Kisharon Langdon

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