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Can we bank on you?

Golden Ticket productions proudly produced all of the campaign video material for Food Bank Aid's 2024 crowdfunding campaign that raised over £1,350,000 (£100,000 over target). We collaborated with Neon Creative to bring to life the overall campaign messaging of 'Can we bank on you?' and powerful empty plate visuals in one impactful master film that tells the story of Food Bank Aid's role of keeping the North London food banks fed in a succinct and punchy way whilst also demonstrating the positivity of the organisation and the volunteers who make it all happen. We also created a series of additional shorts, building on the moving plate mechanism used in the master film to showcase some of the main people who are involved including the founder and volunteers. On top of this, we also created a separate film specifically aimed at school children which was played to dozens of schools during the week of the campaign. 

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"I just wanted to say how fantastic the response has been to the films. Everyone loves them and the schools have been giving tremendous feedback. As said before but wanted to say it again, they have really come together very effectively and professionally. Fabulous."

Naomi Russel, Founder, Food Bank Aid

"The films have already had over 12K views!! Reposted by lots of amazing donors and celebs with amazing feedback and we have not even started! Golden Ticket Productions did us proud Super creativity, professionalism and wonderful people as the cherry on top!."

Nicola Cregan, Campaign Lead, Food Bank Aid

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